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I was just wondering if anyone felt like recounting any experiences they've had meeting any marsupial. Got to pat a wombat at the zoo, or feed a kangaroo at a park? How did it go? Thought it would be a fun way to get a discussion going about some of the kinds of marsupials we tend to be able to see more easily at zoos and national parks, etc. What are the pros and cons of this and do you find that certain species tend to get more conservation assistance because they are more accessible?
Hi there, I've been online as a koala for 18 years. I'm known as Carmine to my friends here; I love motorcycling and sushi and good tea. You can find me on LJ and Steam and around the SF Bay Area.

It's nice to meet you. <3


Hello, I'm new here.  Hmm, what to say... How about I LOVE WOMBATS!!!  So much so that my cat's name is Wombat, actually.  I'm a big animal nerd, but marsupials are totally the fuzziest little guys around, no? 

Oh, here's something good: check out 'Diary of a Wombat' by Jackie French (illustrated by Bruce Whatley) if you're in the mood for something ridiculously cute!

Anyway, good to find some fellow fuzz fans (heh, alliteration).


Hey guys.

It's me, new account. Haha.

I thought it would be fun to try and get more activity in this community again. So, yeah. xD

I'll try and get some content up. But hey everyone!


So here I am, decided to make an obligatory introduction. Hi! I'm Di. An annoying little musical 'possum dude from Southern California. Not really sure what else to say XD

Anyway, Glad to find a marsupial fur community, hopefully I'll make a few new friends here! Feel free to add and message me whenever if you're ever inclined to talk. I'm usually online, so if you see me say hey, and let me know who you are. :3

Uhm, so yeah, XD
Well since im new i thought id post a little bit about myself. Im a dragon fur with a pouch on my belly. Thus making me a marsupial. :3. Im a water dragon with a slight mix of shadow demon. Every one calls me Majy but my names Majin romanov-marx. I have black stripes going down my back and a neon belly. Better yet ill post a link to the pic. http://silvernightshade.deviantart.com/art/New-Majin-Ref-88547530 Well thats pretty much it. Other then my favorite food is tacos. DId i mention i love tuna. 

Random Cuteness

Nobody has posted recently. So, without further ado, here are some baby opossums.


Greetings from a numbat!

I see this group isn't super-active, but I thought I'd post here anyway; there are so few of us marsupial folks that any little communication is cool. (:

My name's Meg, or, as is more often seen, Milk Hermit. You can call me Milk; my fursona is one o' those cute little numbats. I've been borderlining the fandom for quite a while now and only finally decided to get involved around last September. I'm not a terribly social creature but I've made some friends and got around a bit. I've got a deviantArt and a FurAffinity account as well, so if you're around there feel free to talk! As a note, if you add me on IM please let me know, because I'm apt to deny random strangers. xD

Hmm, I think that's it for now. See you around~



 I'm relatively new to the fandom and I need some fursuit advice.
As you have probably guessed, my fursona is a Virginia Opossum. (Didelphis virginiana)

I know somebody who can help me make a suit, but first I need to know a few things. Like:
 Where can I find a tail? Paws? Head? Fur?
(I can has advices plz?)

Anyway, I hope to attend MFF within the next two years. Maybe I'll meet some of you there.

P.S.  If any of you are artists, I would be willing to feature you in a story in exchange for character art.
(I am a slow writer and the process may take at least a month.)